Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lapulapu City,Mactan Island,Visayas,Philippines

This is the exact location where Ferdinand Magellan from Spain first landed in the Philippines on March 16,1521. The landmark is named after Lapulapu a local/native of the Islands who led his men to fight against foreign invaders. This place today is flanked by tourist far and wide for it's world class beach resorts. Seafood restaurants abounds especially when night falls...perfect night out for all ages.

LOVE would take us to First World Philippines

"Love is not blind--it simply enables one to see things others fail to see". Love for the Philippines allows Filipinos to see what others fail to see.While others are losing hope;while others focus on corrupt officials;while others see price hike.When I look at the Philippines;I see lots of natural resources,I see hard-working Filipinos,I see persistent Filipinos,I see hopeful and faithful Filipinos,I see potential. The future is uncertain but uncertainty opens doors to all possibility. Uncertainty allows the power to harness the creativity to build affluence and wealth(from a young person whom I'm beginning to admire for such ability to dream).

Friday, October 30, 2009


THE FOOD, THE SERVICE, THE PRICE, THE PRESENTATION...can't be found anywhere but here!

Samar Island,The Visayas,The Philippines..A Pleasant Surprise

How can one forget the beautiful and special moments shared with the love of your life at a place such as this?Quaint,dainty,yet with a tang of sophistication. One can't help but marvel at the awesome gift of nature and  ingenuity of mankind. We can only look up and say words of gratitude to the One who created and made this wonderful world for us to take pleasure and enjoy.

Grandest Wedding Rendezvous at Cebu City Hill Tops Philippines

Making your most important vow in the tropics on top of the world! So blissful and profound..a true picture of serenity and beauty.

Your Most Romantic Wedding by the Beach Resort Philippines

A dream come true at the blue's like the heavens came down on you.Lovely!Beauty!Tranquil!

MALLS:Several if not countless shopping malls..

There's a mall on top of the mountain so high it can be freezing cold. Approaching an island miles away you are welcomed by the sights of malls. One mall in the metropolis you'll need a week even if you only wish to spend a few minutes on each shop in order to visit the whole of it!Well, they do come in all shapes and sizes
anywhere everywhere that submerge to it you forget you are actually holidaying on an island amongst 7,107
islands.Wow! It would take a lifetime if one would seriously consider of exploring them all.

Precious Stones,Gems,Accessory,Blings

Have spent an hour inside this place. Found so many interesting worth investing for self improvement, and for just food for the soul plain and simple. There are items that are quite educational,things you never knew before and just learned now. Simple pleasures need not be expensive.Little joys that one should have.Many times big things come from small things.Holidays are journeys in life that adds meaning to everyday living.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


What do I do at Airports? Well, I see to it I visit the toilets, there's a lot to do there for a traveler.There are places for naps and people watching.The coffee shops are so inviting.Must locate the WIFI of course.Perfume shops so irresistible!The souvenir important for mementos.The blings here and there.The latest gadgets for mobile/cell phones.Oh,I can watch the film I never had the chance to see.At times someone needs assitance on how to contact Africa from Asia. Or the scared who needs assurance that it is alright. There's so much more, what's needed is creativity and time management.And that favorite book you it for the quiet times at your resort.

Talking about outings,picnics and barbeques!!!

Roasted Whole Pig (Lechon) For Food Lovers Worldwide!

Tarsier the Smallest Primate in the World Found in Bohol Philippines

Generally the Tarsier is asleep during the day and widely awake during the night thus their eyes resembles that of an owl. They feed on crickets and leaves of certain local vagetation.They jump or fly as far as about
three(3) meters long. General habitat is Corella in Bohol where it is declared their protected sanctuary.But few locals of nearby Carmen  has learned to keep a few of them for tourist to interact with as they are very shy.Tarsiers are harmless but no one can keep them as pets as they die quickly away  from their habitat.A little bump on their heads also causes almost instant death. They actually belong to the endangered species.His Majesty the Prince of Wales did came for a visit to see this rare animal.Scientists haven't found
so much about this creature yet except for the detailed observation and information from the few locals who have been in contact with the Tarsius for many decades now.And as Bohol is an Island famous for it's beaches and mountain resorts the Tarsier has become a big part of the added attraction for tourist far and wide.